Cloud solution for single users and enterprises


Innovate faster by reducing the number of real life tests needed for achieving satisfactory results


Manage and mitigate production anomalies faster and save money by generating explainable predictive models from as little as 15 points


Reduce data chaos by organizing your research data in a tidy, traceable and meaningful way


Boost productivity by empowering your research and production teams with cutting-edge and user-friendly prediction, visualization and optimization tools that do not require statistical or programming knowledge to operate


Save even more time by letting your power users create customizable and automatable workflows with access to Python scripting framework, JSON APIs and more



Developing and optimizing materials, chemical compositions, machine and process parameters and managing and mitigating production anomalies is a highly complex and resource intensive task. Many existing solutions like classical Design of Experiment software or other AI/ML based solutions are often complicated and require statistical and programming knowledge from the user. Out of this reason, researchers and engineers often rely on inefficient methods like One-factor-at-a-time (OFAT) or grid search.


To solve these challenges, Exponential Technologies developed xT SAAM – an industrial small data AI platform.

xT SAAM supports researchers, engineers and data scientists in the development and optimization of new materials, chemicals, machine and process parameters, as well as in the management and mitigation of production anomalies.


We created specially-tailored small data, active learning algorithms that are highly versatile and resilient, which allows the use of our software for a wide range of applications without any reprogramming. This makes our solution far more flexible than other DoE and AI solutions on the market.

active learning

With the integrated JSON API, xT SAAM can be connected to any  machine, database or software application. This allows for the full automation of the analysis and optimization process.

The built-in Python scripting engine enables the development of custom routines and workflows, so that the software integrates seamlessly with your existing processes.


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