multi-material lpbf

Multi-Material LPBF: 2x Faster with Machine Learning

Executive Summary Machine learning can make the additive manufacturing (AM) process for multi-material metal printing cheaper and faster and support the production of complex, high-performance, cost-effective parts for energy, automotive, and aerospace industries. Exponential Technologies together with Aerosint developed parameter sets for multi-material laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) for the Stainless Steel 316l and Inconel […]

FFF 3D-printing stronger than injection molding?!

3D-printing (Additive manufacturing) with thermoplastics is gaining adoption across the industry, particularly in aerospace and medical applications where the requirement for lightweight and customizable part properties is one of the main drivers. The main benefit of additive manufacturing is the design freedom it allows, which is why often the phrase “complexity for free” is used […]

additive manufacturing

35% built rate increase in additive manufacturing powder bed fusion process

Additive manufacturing faster and better Advanced manufacturing technologies like additive manufacturing offer never before seen design and production freedoms. One example are laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) 3D printers that allow the printing of metal parts from metal powders. Due to the fact that the metal powder is welded in small portions using laser light, […]

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Double chemical formulation performance in 9 experiments

Chemical formulation development An important task for the R&D department in the chemical industry is the formulation of new products and the reformulation and optimization of existing products. This often involves looking for and qualifying new ingredients to improve the cost and performance of existing products. Currently, the most common approach in developing and improving […]