Time is of the essence

Companies involved in the development and production of vaccines usually spend several years and tens of millions of USD on the development of the right bioreactor settings and feed strategies. However, in times of more frequent viral outbreaks and global pandemics, development times for vaccines of several years are not sufficient. This means that intelligent tools have to be developed to speed up the vaccine production scaling and development.


We can help you speed things up

We at Exponential Technologies Ltd. have developed such a tool, it is called xT SAAM. xT SAAM combines classical Design of Experiments methods with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms developed by our team to find machine parameters and mixture recipes faster and easier than any other solution. The software uses an active learning approach to iteratively optimize and find the best and most robust results. This means vaccines can be delivered months earlier with more stable production process. Vaccine producers can save millions of dollars and we can save tens of thousands of lives.

Backing up claims

We conducted the first laboratory tests in the production of spike protein in E.coli bacteria with the Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology of the University of Latvia and plan further tests with universities and vaccine producers.

unviersity of latvia

Other applications

However, bioreactors are not limited to producing only vaccines. Nowadays bioreactors are used in many industries like food and beverages, pharmaceuticals where they produce e.g. life saving insulin, in water treatment and many more fields.

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